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A little bit about me and Julie Pavlova Photography.

Hello my friends! I’m very pleased to see you here in my new Photography Blog. This blog won’t be just a blog with numerous similar images from my daily shootings (but I will certainly add them too), it will mostly contain images that I took during my travelings, as well as latest news, announces and promotions, and the things that inspire me. 

For those who are on my website for the first time, let me introduce myself. My name is Julie Pavlova and I’m NYC-based photographer and photoartist. As you might have noticed I’m from Russia and moved to New York only in 2015.  Since that time I live in Queens, NY, and own a portrait studio where I shoot most of my images. 

I always had a passion for photography. Both my dad and granddad used to be amateur photographers and we spent hours in a dark room together, doing magic! 

And this is me at that time with my first SLR:


Many years later, when I was about 20, I purchased my first Nikon. It was happiness… I practically lived with it, taking pictures of everything around me 🙂 Since then I had different cameras, but I still remain faithful to Nikon. 

Now my dream has come true and I can do what I really love. It’s amazing! 

So, welcome to my life and thank you for coming to my blog! Hope you enjoy it!


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