Your pictures are ready!

Thank you for having a session with me! I hope you enjoyed the session as much as I do!

I decided that it would be fun for boys to spot the changes I made to the images, so I create this  private page, visible only to those who have a direct link.

Scroll down to see some Before and Afters. 

For best experience I highly recommend you to view the images on a large screen. The sliders will also work on a mobile, but you won’t be able to spot subtle changes I made to the pictures.

Drag the sliders left and right to see Before and After editing.



Link to your Gallery

Here is a link to the Cloud Storage, where you can find your full Gallery:!AjGVoP3AQG74juJHazixqV4KhD7awg?e=7NGYxJ

The Link contains 2 folders:

1) Original Size folder – are the images that are great for storing and printing.

 2) For Social Media folder – are the images optimized for social media (Facebook, Instagram, email or etc.)

Please download the pictures to your computer and make a backup.

The link will expire on 12/31/2022. Let me know if you have any problems downloading them.


Referral Program

Glanced at the Gallery? I hope you’ll love the images as much as I do!

If you decide to post these images online, I would love to be tagged. It makes my heart melt every time I see my work online!

– Link to my Facebook Photography page (click here)

– Link to my Instagram (click here)

And, as I mentioned before,  if your friend comes by your referral you both will get 1 free image! (There is no limit on how many images you can get, even 100 🙂

All they need is just to mention your name and I’ll contact you ASAP.

Share your experience

If you like your images and don’t mind sharing your experience
with other people, it would be great if you could drop a few words on FacebookYelp or Google. It’ll really help my business!

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Thank you in advance and hope to see you next year!

Julie Pavlova-Fb size-JPP_4552-2

And a small surprise!

As long as only Gina could come to the revealing session to see the slideshow I prepared for you, I decided to created another slideshow containing the images she chose and the ones I like most!